Nikita in Namibia - Day 8
Nikita in Namibia - Day 8

Nikita in Namibia - Day 8

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

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Posted by Connor Whelan on 13th Aug 2015 3 mins

Monday rolled around and it was right back to the working routine for everyone!

However, I had signed up to attend the ancient skills activity, as I was keen to get a better understanding of the San bushmen of Namibia, and their traditional ways of life in Africa.

They are very humbling to meet, and are lovely, open people, who were as keen to share their skills with us as visitors as we were to observe them.

The things they can do with the most basic materials are amazing; from making their own clothes out of animal skin, and their beaded accessories, through to their survival skills – making a fire with sticks, hunting with hand carved bows and arrows, and identifying the top of a plant buried under the ground that will provide water!

Listening to their songs, and sat amongst their huts was my first true experience of African tribal culture, and I loved every second of it.

We came back in time for lunch, and for the afternoon I joined the group on carnivore feeding – one of the activities here that I had really been looking forward to!

It was awe-inspiring to see all of the predators at the sanctuary; wild dogs, leopards, lions, caracals, and a lot of cheetahs (27!). I also found it very interesting to learn that all of their enclosures were designed in such a way that they can leave the sanctuary should they wish to, or need to in the event of a bushfire, which only speaks to the fact that the animals are happy and well looked after here.

After dinner I tagged along with the two people who had opted for watch tower duty so that I could check it out for myself before my time here was up!

The hut is secure and high enough up to be safe from predators (though some can climb trees, they won’t be making it up that ladder!

I listened to the brief they were given on what to look out for in terms of suspicious behaviour, and how to respond, and then their plans to watch the sun rise over the sanctuary grounds – I would have asked to join them if I had not already signed up for another monkey! That being the case though, I had to quickly get back to him and get him settled in for the night.

I really love the nights with the monkeys, despite the nappy changing part, because you really get to know them and their individual personalities – with tonight’s Frodo being a big softie who falls asleep almost instantly if you give him a bottle of milk, he’s obviously a favourite amongst volunteers and staff.

I already know I’m going to struggle saying goodbye to these little guys as much as I will with the human friends I’ve made here!

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