Nikita in Namibia - Day 7
Nikita in Namibia - Day 7

Nikita in Namibia - Day 7

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Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

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Posted by Connor Whelan on 13th Aug 2015 2 mins

Sundays are almost a day off, as the only important task is making sure all of the animals are fed and happy, so volunteers who were happy to assist with the food prep and feeding in the morning, whilst others enjoyed a lay in and opted to help in the afternoon.

It felt odd to have such a slow paced day after such an adventurous week! It was also a lot quieter as a number of people had opted to go on a trip into Windhoek for the day to visit the mall, and others had gone for lunch at The Lodge run by the project.

Personally I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to catch up with my monkey friends and to spend some time sat in with the meerkats – all as entertaining as ever!

I also joined in with the afternoon food prep as it is fun to get messy with everybody.

For dinner we had toasties, which was quite a nice change for the one night compared to the hearty meals I’d been stuffing myself with all week (probably a good thing I wasn’t hoping to lose weight during my time here!)

I was happy to hear everyone else was as keen to have an early night as I was, especially as I had opted to take a baby baboon for the night, so I got her ready with her nappy & bottle, and retired to the baboon room with my fellow baby monkey sitters.

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