Nikita in Namibia - Day 6
Nikita in Namibia - Day 6

Nikita in Namibia - Day 6

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

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Posted by Connor Whelan on 12th Aug 2015 2 mins

We had a great breakfast (meats, cheese, fruit salad, yogurt, and cereals), and sadly had to head off, away from this beautiful and special place, but I’ve got to admit I was looking forward to getting back to the animals at the sanctuary again!

We arrived just in time for the Saturday afternoon activity which involved everybody! This week was “The Volunteer Amazing Race!” (inspired by the earlier visit from the film crew).

It was hilarious. There were teams running around to complete challenges, such as “take a team selfie with the guinea fowl”, “fly a piece of paper over the swimming pool, and then sail it back”, “identify the meerkats correctly,” and all this was as well as a questionnaire about the animals and staff. The final challenge involved 5 eggs (one per team), two of which were boiled and the rest not. Each group had to select one without touching them, and one person had to volunteer or be nominated to test the egg…..on their forehead.

Seeing as I hadn't had the chance to jump in the shower yet, I figured I might as well take the hit for my team – and quickly regretted that decision as we definitely hadn’t chosen a cooked egg!

Worth it though, as with the mess came our team’s triumphant victory.

We cleaned up, fed the animals, and then fed ourselves before enjoying the Saturday night drinks and dancing around the Lapa, complete with a pool table! I soon discovered I’m much better with the animals than I am with a pool cue!

I was extra happy, as it was a second braii night for me, and it was just as tasty as it had been at Kanaan. Everyone, including myself, really enjoyed the evening, helped by knowing we all had a relaxing Sunday ahead.

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