Nikita In Namibia - Day 4
Nikita In Namibia - Day 4

Nikita In Namibia - Day 4

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

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Posted by Connor Whelan on 11th Aug 2015 3 mins

This morning things were a little different, as Rudi (co-founder of the projects with his wife,) was kindly flying me out to one of the research and release sites called Neuras in his little plane. There were a lot of awesome views, but I am a right wuss when it comes to flying!

He and Marlice have spent the last 9 years of their lives improving the conservation efforts towards carnivores, and the research being done on them in Namibia, as well as helping San people (the local tribal population,) achieve a better quality of life, and their absolute dedication to these causes is so inspiring. It’s easy to see how they have achieved so much in this time, and have passed on a desire for progress in so many others.

Even on the drive to the plane a farmer called to discuss Rudi collecting a relocating a leopard that he had caught on his land – a massive step forward in itself, compared to previous times when this animal would be shot without hesitation.

It was really fantastic to hear first hand about the positive changes happening with regards to animal-human conflict, and this is as a direct result of the project work.

We arrived at Neuras (on a landing strip that could have passed for a dirt road, so well done on the landing Rudi!) where we were greeted by several cheery staff, and then quickly put our things in our rooms so that we could join the current volunteers there on their afternoon activity, which was collecting camera trap data.

Within a few minutes of landing, I felt relaxed by the calm atmosphere. With so much going on at the farm I realised I hadn’t really paused to think for the last few days! It was a very pretty setting, with the surrounding mountain areas, lovely people, and wine being made on the grounds – what more could anyone need!

Janette took us out to collect the memory cards from the cameras used over the last week, and the hikes to reach them involved seeing some fantastic scenery. Her knowledge was interesting and impressive, and her sense of humour is great, so I wasn’t surprised by the feedback from the group saying that they had thoroughly enjoyed their time with her.

At 5 we hopped back on the vehicle for a ‘sundowner’ and so sat and enjoyed a drink all together as the sun set over the picturesque landscape before returning for dinner. The meals at Neauras were amazing! (I get why so many people had been raving about the food), and knowing that 100% of the profits from the wine made there went into the conservation work was definitely enough encouragement to purchase a bottle or six with dinner….

Janette then kindly took myself and Jo(a member of staff from the sanctuary who had also come to check out the release sites for herself,) to attempt contact calling with jackals in the area – it was great to hear them call back to us under the stars!

Once we started feeling tired we headed back to the "mothership" and found the others had already retreated to bed, so we followed suit!

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