Nikita In Namibia - Day 2
Nikita In Namibia - Day 2

Nikita In Namibia - Day 2

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

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Posted by Connor Whelan on 10th Aug 2015 3 mins

I opted for an early start in order to squeeze in a shower before breakfast – I should have realised that it would have been a better idea to wait until later in the day, as the hot water is solar powered!

The official introduction to the project gives you a real respect for the team here, as you learn the true extent of the work done, and the goals that have already been achieved by them.

It definitely gears you up to get stuck in with any and every task ahead, in order to really make you feel like you have been a part of the conservation workforce, continuing to drive the progress of this project. After the introduction had finished we began our days’ work.

As we were shown around all of the enclosures, we were introduced to all of the other residents at the sanctuary and given the unique stories of how each of them have come to be there; the 17 year old cheetah Samira, the baboons, vervet monkeys, the cheetah cubs, and the animals within the affection section, as well as meeting a few wandering rescues on the farm such as the young Oryx (Backy P) and Cocoa the goat.

We were all more than ready for lunch come 1 o’clock, so much so that the food trays were left totally empty!

For the afternoon I joined the group on ‘animal time’, who were taking the cheetah cubs for a walk. They were so playful with each other it was adorable, and it felt like such a privilege to be able to sit with them as they tumbled around and attempted to climb trees.

Upon return I was asked if I would mind looking after the abandoned lamb for the night – of course I was more than happy to! And so he joined me for the baby baboon induction which you need to attend in order to look after one of them for the night (there was no way I was going to miss out on this, I’ve been dying to do it since I joined The Great Projects team a year ago!)

We retreated to the Lapa for dinner again, and sat by the fires as people swapped stories from their day’s activities, until the little lamb was falling asleep on my lap and clearly ready for bed – as good an excuse for an early night as any!

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