Most Endangered Animals - Top 5
Most Endangered Animals - Top 5

Most Endangered Animals - Top 5

Posted by Connor Whelan on 30th Sep 2015 3 mins

Some of the world’s most incredible animal species are in danger of becoming extinct. Animal extinctions can be a naturally occurring event, but more often than not in the modern day, human interference is the driving factor as to why future generations may never get to see certain species of animals in their natural habitats. Below is a list, created with information from the WWF, which demonstrates the top 5 animals considered to be the most endangered in the world.

South China Tiger – 0 Remaining

In the 1950’s the South China Tiger was thought to number around 4,000 individual. In the decades since thousands have been killed as the already rare subspecies was hunted as a pest. This means that, even with a Chinese ban on hunting, there were only estimated to have been 30-80 individuals by 1996. Today the South China Tiger is thought to be “functionally” extinct as there has not been a sighting in the wild for more than 25 years.

Javan Rhino – 60 Remaining

The Javan Rhino is the most threatened of the five Rhino species, with only 60 individuals surviving in Ujung Kulon National Park in Java, Indonesia. This tiny population in the National Park represents the only hope for the survival of a species which is on the brink of extinction. If this population disappears, then so does the species as a whole.

Amur Leopard – More Than 60 Remaining

Normally the word “Leopard” conjures up images of the African Savannah, but few people know that there is a subspecies, the Amur Leopard, which is located in the Russian Far East. With just over 60 remaining in the wild, if we are not careful this species will soon disappear from the face of the Earth.

Sumatran Rhino – Fewer Than 100 Remaining

The smallest of the living Rhino’s also has one of the smallest populations of any animal species in world. This unique animal has two horns and is covered in long hair, meaning it is more closely related to the extinct woolly Rhino than any other Rhino subspecies. As there are fewer than 100 remaining, if a change does not happen soon then the Sumatran Rhino will be heading the same way as their woolly ancestors.

Vaquita – Fewer Than 100 Remaining

The world’s rarest marine mammal is on the edge of extinction. The Vaquita is found in the northern Gulf of California, but this porpoise wasn’t discovered until 1958. Within just over 50 years we are very close to losing them forever due to illegal fishing operations, as the Vaquita are often caught and drowned in gillnets used during these operations.

Some of these animals are beyond the point of recovery. Unless we act now many more will join and replace them on this list. We need to make a change and that change needs to be made now.

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cooper commented 1 year ago
i don't like the people who make some speices extincte

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Bts_Jungkook commented 2 years ago
Very good thing and a knowledgeable site

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Maria commented 8 years ago
Humans are the vermin of Planet Earth. Voracious and destructive, caring little for the planet and it's infinitely more beautiful species of fauna and flora.

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replied 4 months ago
I agree