It's Almost Halloween - Take A Look At The Animals Ready To Celebrate!
It's Almost Halloween - Take A Look At The Animals Ready To Celebrate!

It's Almost Halloween - Take A Look At The Animals Ready To Celebrate!

Posted by Leanne Sturrock on 25th Oct 2016 2 mins

With Halloween just around the corner, I’d put good money on that most of you have already put together your costumes or, at the very least, have gotten plans in place to celebrate the occasion. But you’re not the only ones who love Halloween – animals love to get spooky too! Check out some of the most frightfully festive, creepy critters just below.

This Blood-Curdling Bunny

Argh! The horror!

This Downright Rotten Rat

Halloween rat

Look at him, conjuring up all kind of nastiness. So creepy.

These Petrifying Pups

Puppies on Halloween

Do these hounds not belong in front of the gates of hell?!

This Cowardly Kitten

Black kitten and pumpkin

Take a look at this guy. I mean, he's just so...who am I kidding? This cat is the most adorable thing I've ever seen and, MAN, I want to protect him from that evil pumpkin! Please let me protect you, tiny friend.

Brave enough to take a walk on the wild side? Let's take a look at the most nefarious members of the natural world...

This Bashful Bat

Cute bat

Not sure if afraid, or just reaaally sleepy...

This Startled Simian

Scared baby gorilla

Either this little gorilla is practicing his best scare-tactics, or he's just caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror...either way, he's a sight for sore eyes!

This Ferocious Feline

Growling lion cub

Few things make your blood run cold than the almight roar of a...cute lion cub?

And Finally, These Wicked Wolves

Howling baby wolf

With gnashers like that and such a horrifying howl, it's no wonder wolves are considered one of the scariest animals in all the land...!

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