Improvements at Jabulani
Improvements at Jabulani

Improvements at Jabulani

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Victoria Falls Conservation Experience

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Posted by Michael Starbuck on 2nd Apr 2015 2 mins

Here at The Great Projects, we're always thrilled to receive news from our extensive array of conservation projects. This week we have been lucky enough to be sent through pictures from our Victoria Falls Conservation Project, where we funded the construction of a new cooking and dining area within the Jabulani School – which volunteers visit throughout their time at the project.

This primary and secondary school was set up by a local teacher, as the nearest school was previously a 20km walk from the town and as a result, saw high levels of truancy. A few years on, and the school provides a large number of students with an education they may otherwise have forgone.Sadly however, the school was poorly funded, and one of the most striking results of this was the unsatisfactory food-preparation area being used to provide the children with a midday meal (see below in the photo).

This food was usually prepared and cooked by a group of the pupil's parents, who were finding it increasingly hard to do so as the cooking area was so low to the ground and the shelter so unstable - back problems and other health issues were ensuing as a result.We are so proud to say that our sponsorship during 2014, as stipulated earlier in the year, has funded the construction of a fantastic new food-preparation area, thus providing the parents with better conditions in which to cook, and subsequently the children with more nourishing and sustainable meals each day.

We were thrilled to be able to offer the school over £2000 towards this dining area improvement and make a real difference to both the pupils and the staff at the Jabulani School.Have a look at the photos below and see for yourself the improvements made – with the help of volunteers of course!

If you would like to join this fantastic wildlife conservation project in Zimbabwe and see the improvements to the dining area in person, then please don't hesitate to 'Enquire of Book Now' via our website page. Alternatively, if you would like to ask us some further questions about the project or the improvements made, then please don't hesitate to get in contact via email ([email protected]) or telephone (+44(0)208 885 4987). Have a great Easter break everyone – TGP Team.

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