Happy New Year From Winter's Cutest Creatures
Happy New Year From Winter's Cutest Creatures

Happy New Year From Winter's Cutest Creatures

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Laos Wildlife Sanctuary's Recent Rescues

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Posted by Leanne Sturrock on 30th Dec 2016 2 mins

It’s finally here – the end of the year has arrived! Before we bid you farewell for the last time in 2016, we wanted to round off a wonderful year with some of our favourite winter animals. So sit back, relax, and smile at the following festive fuzzies!

Penguins in Paradise

Penguin couple

Who's willing to bet that these two spent plenty of time under the mistletoe together?!

The Snowiest Stoat

Snow stoat

This curious little critter, known as an ermine, might want to spend a few more weeks in his burrow!

A Bear And Her Boy

Polar bear and baby

How gorgeous is this look between two polar bears?!

These Sweet Little Simians

Snow monkeys

Living up to their names, snow monkeys love nothing more than playing in the blizzard.

This Cheerful Chirper

Laughing snow owl

Something tells me this guy has had one too many sherries!

Snoozing In The Snow

Yawning arctic fox

This festive fox must have eaten too much junk food over the Christmas season - he can barely keep his eyes open!

The Hungriest Harp Seal

Harp seal and baby

'Surely you've eaten enough mince pies by now, mum!?"

Flirty Friends

Snow wolves

Wily in every way, this wolf will stop at nothing to flirt with the ladies - even if the squad is spying on them.

And finally, these delightful deer

Reindeer in snow

Because it wouldn't be December without a shoutout to this month's mascot, would it?

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Naagorik commented 5 years ago
WOW! These all are really amazing pictures ever I seen. Snoozing In The Snow is a really good idea. I like the article very much.

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