Discover Dogs Mountain, The Filipino Pup Sanctuary
Discover Dogs Mountain, The Filipino Pup Sanctuary

Discover Dogs Mountain, The Filipino Pup Sanctuary

Posted by Leanne Sturrock on 28th Sep 2017 4 mins

While The Great Projects specialise in helping volunteers make a difference to the lives of endangered animals, we do of course acknowledge that many species across the globe require the help and attention of passionate, hard-working volunteers. Recently, we paid a visit to the National Animal Welfare Trust in Watford to assist with the day-to-day volunteer activities of the rehoming centre; today, we are helping to shed some light on an incredibly valuable sanctuary found half the world away.

Based in the North of the Philippines, Dogs Mountain Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation, which was established in 2006 by British artist John Hughes. The team here works hard to provide a safe and loving home for over 200 dogs and cats who have been rescued from the meat trade, the streets, and from kill shelters. We recently spoke to Rebecca Hannant, a representative for the sanctuary, who was kind enough to share some of the incredible stories of animal rescue and rehabilitation at Dogs Mountain.



Rocket spent his days on a dog meat farm. Caught and kept in horrific conditions, he lives with the physical and psychological scars cruelly inflicted upon him. Saved by Dogs Mountain Sanctuary he now lives surrounded by his doggie pals and receives the love and comfort he (and every animal) deserves. He spends his days playing, with both his pals, and toys, donated by the lovely supporters of Dogs Mountain.


Rose was rescued from an Animal Shelter whereby she was destined to spend the rest of her days, as she was considered too aggressive to rehome. However since she arrived at Dogs Mountain Sanctuary she has shown nothing but love to all of those around her. She loves her food and will patiently wait for her human pals' dinner to be shared with her.


Gruce was rescued from a family home whereby he was found kept in a tiny cage, which barely allowed him to stand. The family said he was so aggressive they fed and watered him through a tube, that they could access from the outside of the cage, and which reached his bowls.

Gruce has definitely made himself at home at Dogs Mountain and is a massive softie. So much so he is petrified of thunder!

He is also a protector of food and if he catches a cheeky dog eating another pals' food he is not afraid to tell them off!


Rebecca also went on to elaborate why volunteers are needed at the sanctuary, and urges people to get involved with the protection of these desperate dogs in need:


Volunteers are always needed to provide love, care, and support which is so important and means so much to all the beautiful animals here, that have experienced varying traumas in the past. We can't change their traumatic pasts, but we can certainly brighten their future and show them the love and attention all animals deserve.

During your time here, you will bond with the dogs and experience their unconditional love, which is truly inspirational considering the trauma they have previously been a victim to. It is a truly unique and wonderful experience.

Not only will your help around the sanctuary be greatly appreciated, your contribution goes directly towards to the animals' needs by funding their food, veterinary care, vitamin, and supplements, as well as the day-to-day operations of the sanctuary.

Our mission is simple: to bring awareness of the SE Asian dog meat trade to a wider audience, and to inspire and lead by example how to help and care for all animals and enjoy the positive feel-good energy from doing so.

If you are interested in assisting Rebecca and the team at Dogs Mountain, head to their Facebook page to find out more. You can also donate to the sanctuary, or help out by fulfilling some of the items on their wishlist, which can also be found on their Facebook page!

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