How You Can Help Conservation Right From The Tips Of Your Fingers!
How You Can Help Conservation Right From The Tips Of Your Fingers!

How You Can Help Conservation Right From The Tips Of Your Fingers!

Posted by Ellie Hutchin on 4th Oct 2017 2 mins

Here at The Great Projects, we understand that it isn't always possible to jump on a plane and travel around the world coming to the aid of vulnerable endangered species, so we have brought you more options where you can help for free!

This week we found two worthy petitions that our signatures have definitely been marked upon! Take a look below to find out more information and to get involved.

Petitions To Stop Animal Testing

The first of the two is regarding the testing of animals in labs in the U.K. The ways that technology have advanced means that there is an alternative to animal testing, so we are struggling to understand why this cruel act is still carried out today. What's more, over 160,000 people have passed away from drugs that were deemed 'safe' and were tested on animals, which is plenty of evidence to say that these tests aren't always accurate! Have your say and sign this petition to ban animal testing today.

Stop The Sale Of Animal Fur In The UK

The next petition that we recommend you to sign is the petition for the prohibition of the sale of animal fur here in the U.K. Despite a ban being placed on the trade in England, Wales and Scotland between 2000 and 2002, fur can still be legally imported and sold here from countries with few, or no animal welfare laws in place at all. Sign the petition to stop the sale of animal fur in the U.K today!

We will be posting more blogs just like this with more petitions for you to sign so make sure you keep checking in! Share with your friends and family and unite together to make a change with just the click of a mouse!

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