Christmas 2016 - Animal Aftermath
Christmas 2016 - Animal Aftermath

Christmas 2016 - Animal Aftermath

Posted by Leanne Sturrock on 26th Dec 2016 2 mins

So…Boxing Day is here. Or, as I like to call it, ‘Is Somebody Punching At My Skull, Or Is That Just A Hangover?’ Day. It’s safe to say that many of us will have over-done it on the sherry this past weekend, and no doubt Grandma will have caught our antics on camera, just to send these embarrassing shots out on next year’s Christmas cards. But we humans aren’t the only ones who had too much of a good time over the festive season. Check out these guys below, and relive the whole Christmas experience through the eyes of the animals...

Phase One: Preparation

We've all been there. The presents have been opened, the chocolate consumed, and it's time to prepare for guests. But dad won't get up off of the sofa...

Relaxed chimp

No matter how much mum asks for help with setting up...

Angry chimp

'I'm really losing my patience with you, Marv...'

Phase Two: The Party

Somehow, we made it in time. The guests start to arrive...

Flamingo flamboyance

The alcohol starts to flow...

Dancing bear

And we're all feeling pretty damn good

Dancing monkey

'I like to call this move, "The Hotline Bling."'

Phase Three: Full Swing

By now, we're really starting to feel festive. Sandra and Ben are in the corner singing Fairytale Of New York...

Singing penguins

The teenagers are showing off the latest dance craze...

Dancing giraffes

And the older members of the party are feeling just a little bit shy about it all...

Dancing lions

'Must we dance in public, Sheila? You know I hate it. We're really getting too old for this...

Phase Four: The Shame

It's at this point things start to get a little hairy. The neighbours have come round to complain...

Angry ostrich

The room is starting to spin for some of the guests...

Sleepy sloth

And others are engaging in an awkward bit of flirting...

Dancing gorillas

'This'll be embarrassing when the lights come on...'

Phase Five: The Aftermath

Alas, all parties must come to an end. Some guests aren't quite ready to go home...

Dancing birds

Others are eating the last of the party food...

Chimp eating

But most are just dreading that after-Christmas hangover!

Yawning owl

Yep, we've all pulled that face before. I feel you, buddy!

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