Animal Volunteering Holiday

If you’re an avid traveller with a passion for wildlife, then an animal volunteer holiday is for you. Not sure what such a trip could entail? Then let us explain…

Every year, The Great Projects send hundreds of volunteers around the globe in the quest of making a difference to conservation efforts. From panda protection in China to saving sloths in Costa Rica, there’s an animal and a destination for everybody – making a holiday spent volunteering all the more appealing. In addition to providing our volunteers with a rewarding, meaningful way to spend their holidays, we promise to help their efforts go even further: your project fee contains a conservation donation, so you’ll still be making a difference even long after you’ve returned home.

Who knew there was a better way to holiday? If you’re keen to make a difference, get in touch – you’ll be embarking on an exciting animal adventure in no time at all.

What is volunteering and why do it?

If you’ve grown tired of the ‘normal’ way of holidaying (that is, lounging by the pool, whiling away the hours…), perhaps a volunteering holiday could be of interest to you. A fondness of animals, naturally, would make your time on one of our projects all the more enjoyable, and you can help make a difference to an array of wildlife species while also heading to some beautiful destinations around the world! After all, aiding wildlife conservation doesn’t mean sacrificing the enjoyment of travel – so if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, an animal volunteering holiday is for you.

Who is it for and when to go?

Anybody with a love for animals and a fondness for travel would likely find our projects enjoyable, but those who wish to leave a positive mark on the world would certainly feel as if they’d done so after their volunteer experience comes to an end. Whether you’re young or old, a solo traveller or part of a group, we welcome you to contribute your time and efforts to aiding wildlife conservation. We also have volunteer opportunities for families, so if your little ones are eager to learn about the world’s wildlife and are keen to make a difference too, why not check out our family volunteering page? Finally, our projects run year-round, so there’s always a great time to get involved – simply enter your dates into our project finder and see where you could end up!

What types of activities are carried out?

Each of the activities on our projects are equally important, so whether you’re asked to aid the maintenance of enclosures or are invited out on a jungle trek, you must be willing to get involved. Activities such as the day-to-day running of sanctuaries, structure building and food preparation are all vital aspects of keeping a project running, but the opportunity to help with the enrichment, rehabilitation and potential release of an animal promises to be a memorable experience. Do you have what it takes to be a part of a team and to help make a difference to wildlife conservation efforts? If so, be sure to check out our project pages today!

Free Volunteer Guide

Free Project Guide

Receive a copy of The Great Projects’ Volunteer Guide to learn more about volunteering with wildlife, how taking part in a project can benefit the animals, and what you can expect from your experience.

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