Animal Conservation Work

Animal Conservation Work

Are you passionate about animal conservation? Whether you’re a lover of orangutans, big cats, or our oceans as a whole, odds are you’re keen to aid the survival of our planet’s marvellous species – but perhaps you’re not quite sure where to start. If this sounds like you, then perhaps you should consider aiding animal conservation work abroad!

‘Voluntourism’ is becoming an increasingly popular way for good-hearted people to spend their spare time or annual holidays, and our wildlife conservation projects offer an exciting step into the world of volunteering by pairing two much-loved interests together: travel and animals. Visit beautiful locations around the globe (such as the Amazon rainforest, untouched Raja Ampat, or ancient China) in your quest to make a difference to an array of amazing species, taking part in important animal conservation work as you go.

Whether you’re providing enrichment to orangutans in Borneo or helping to release turtles in Costa Rica, there’s certainly an animal conservation project for you – so why not get in touch today to see how you can leave your mark?

What is volunteering and why do it?

As explained above, volunteering has become a popular way for well-meaning individuals to help make a difference to a cause they’re passionate about: in this instance, wildlife conservation! Our projects invite people from around the globe to volunteer with animals, allowing them to gain some incredible memories whilst offering much-needed support to a range of wildlife organisations – but your assistance doesn’t have to end upon your return home. Even after your travels have drawn to a close, money taken from your volunteer fee will continue to fund the project, helping them to reach other important goals. What better way to holiday than by joining a project today?

Who is it for and when to go?

The main criteria needed for you to join a project boils down to this: do you love animals, and do you love to travel? If so, you’re almost there – the only other thing we need from you is a willingness to work hard and get involved! If you’re somebody who’s keen to get their hands dirty while working toward an important goal, then wildlife conservation work could be for you. No matter what your age, or if you travel alone/as part of a group/with your family, we’re sure to have a project for you. Finally, we have projects running year-round, so if you have a preferred date in mind, you may find our project finder a great help – just enter your dates, your group size and your preferred animal focus, and let us do the rest of the work for you!

What types of activities are carried out?

There are a number of important activities on each of our projects, but they will, of course, vary depending on the project’s focus. Whether you’re spotting great white sharks out at sea or creating vital enrichment for orangutans, you’re sure to engage in some exciting tasks whilst volunteering – but do be prepared to be flexible, as other tasks (such as enclosure cleaning and construction) are just are necessary. If you think that you have what it takes to be part of a team, then be sure to check out our project pages today – we can’t wait to have you onboard!

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Find your next great project

12 Nights from $3,619.00

Visit the fabled Kanha National Park: home to a stunning array of wildlife, including leopards, wild dogs, and of course the famous Bengal tiger.

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13 Nights from $4,244.00

Enjoy the thrill of Gorilla Trekking on this gorilla conservation project in Uganda

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15 - 71 Nights from $1,869.00

Have a lasting impact on the conservation efforts in the Manu UNESCO Biosphere, one of the most diverse environments on earth.

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13 - 27 Nights from $1,494.00

Help make a difference to Zimbabwe's incredible wildlife and visit the breath-taking Victoria Falls.

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14 - 84 Nights from $1,369.00

Experience hands-on volunteering in Africa in the heart of the beautiful Namibian wilderness!

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7 - 28 Nights from $994.00

Volunteer with orangutans on this award-winning orangutan project at Matang Wildlife Centre in beautiful Borneo!

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12 - 26 Nights from $1,744.00

Work on enrichment for 112 orangutans and 72 sun bears at the world-renowned Samboja Lestari Rescue Centre

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7 - 84 Nights from $869.00

Take part on The Great Turtle Project in Sri Lanka as a volunteer in a turtle sanctuary and have an impact on the conservation of the country's beautiful sea turtles.

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