Working with Cheetahs

Working with cheetahs is a once in a lifetime opportunity , and if you decide to become our next cheetah volunteer you will get the chance to take part in the incredible experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the world – Namibia.

Here at The Great Projects we offer cheetah volunteering trips which enable you to get hands on when aiding the conservation efforts of these beautiful big cats. Cheetahs often come under threats from farmers when they venture onto their land, and when this happens the results are often bad for the big cat.

If you choose to become our next cheetah conservation volunteer then you will be rewarded with the knowledge that you have played your part in helping these big cats forge a future.

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Cheetahs At A Glance

Africa and some parts of Asia

How Endangered Are Cheetahs?

Whilst only considered vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of endangered animals, Cheetahs are still in a distinct danger of becoming extinct if something does not change soon. These big cats are coming under increasing threats from a variety of sources, and whilst their numbers are at a point where they can recover currently, this could change if things do not soon improve. Cheetah conservation efforts are certainly improving, but they can still get better!

Threats The Cheetahs Are Facing

The main threat facing Cheetahs currently is habitat encroachment, and this is due to the rapid expansion of human houses and other buildings in land where the cheetah was once free to roam. Other issues facing these big cats are clashes with humans over food sources, and farmers who see the cheetah as a threat and will shoot on sight if they see one approaching their livestock.

You can help by volunteering with Cheetahs, so why not consider this as your next holiday?

Fast Facts
  • Cheetahs are well known for their speed, but did you know that they use their long tail as a rudder to control their direction when running at such high speeds!
  • The cheetah has specially designed feet which help with its high speed chases, and they have semi non retractable claws, similar to a dog, which help them grip as they are moving at high speeds.
  • When at full speed, a cheetahs stride is around 6-7 meters and their feet only touch the ground twice during each stride!
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