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Put simply, volunteering with lions is an experience you will never forget. Seeing the raw majesty of the 'King of the jungle' up close and personal is a memory that many wish they could have at some point in their lives. You can make this happen by becoming a lion volunteer! Lion numbers all across Africa (and even parts of Asia) have been falling very rapidly since the 1900's, and nowadays it is thought that the lion population has dropped by as much as 90%. That is why volunteering with lions is becoming more and more important if we hope to provide these animals with a sustainable future.

Becoming a budding lion volunteer is something you will never forget, and you will make a lasting difference to lion conservation efforts. Take a look at our volunteer opportunities with lions and get in touch so we can help you begin your conservation adventure!

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Lions at a glance

Africa and some parts of Asia

How endangered are lions?

In the 1900's lion numbers were thought to be at a healthy population of around 200,000. However,today there are said to be just around 20,000 that remain in the wild.

Humans have seen a 40% decline in lion population in the last 3 generations for various reasons, but this decrease, which continues to plummet, is simply not sustainable.

In 2015 that the lion was placed under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. With three quarters of all species in decline, the lion is now classed as 'vulnerable' on the endangered species list.

Threats Lions are facing

Whilst the lion is feared in its homelands due to the fact that it is an apex predator, they have been coming under increasing threats from human-based problems. They are:

  • Hunting - Throughout most of Africa hunting still poses a problem for big game wildlife, and lions, in particular, continue to be targeted.Once a lion comes face to face with the barrel of a so-called hunters gun, they stand little chance of surviving.
  • Habitat Encroachment - Humans are continuing to expand into land that was once ruled by the lion, and this leads to clashes between the human and feline residents. Lions are often tempted to take down a farmers livestock to sustain themselves, and once this happens the lion is normally killed as they are perceived as a threat.
Fast Facts
  • In the wild lions can live an average of 12 years, with some reaching 16 years of age.
  • They may not be associated with speed, but lions can actually reach an impressive running speed of 81kph!
  • Lions need a lot of food to sustain their impressive bulk. Lionesses need around 5kg of meat every single day whilst the males need around 7kg. Imagine having that for dinner!
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