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If you ever hear the phrase “island paradise,” then the chances are that your brain will be conjuring up images of the Maldives. With awe-inspiring sunsets over palm-fringed beaches, azure waters lapping over kaleidoscopic coral reefs, and a whole host of marine life (including the graceful giants of the ocean, whale sharks and manta rays) swimming off the coast, the Maldives really are the top choice for a memorable and unbeatable destination.

Here at The Great Projects, we are proud to offer you the chance to volunteer in the Maldives on one of our Marine Conservation Projects. You will have the once in a lifetime chance to aide in the conservation of the world's biggest fish, the whale shark, and this is bound to create incredible, once-in-a-lifetime memories. And since holidays to the Maldives don't typically come as unique and special this, what are you waiting for? Find out more about our Whale Shark Research Project today!

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As you can probably imagine, for a nation which comprises of lots of small islands, the wildlife on the Maldives is all found in the waters surrounding them! Recent scientific studies found that the composition of the fish swimming between the atolls varies greatly between those following a north-south gradient, so the wildlife you see one day may be extremely different to the next! Some of the animals you can see in the waters of the Maldives include:

  • Whale Sharks
  • Reef Sharks
  • Tilapia
  • Hermit Crabs
  • Plenty of species of tropical fish

If you are interested in exploring the underwater world then you will struggle to find a location better than the Maldives to do so in. The tropical waters are home to an abundance of wildlife that is not seen anywhere else on earth (yet another reason by conservation in the Maldives is so important), so go and grab your dive gear!


The Maldivian culture is based around relaxing. With temperatures averaging between 25 and 30 degrees each day, the pace of life on the islands is slower than you may be used to.The islands close proximity to Sri Lanka and India has had a big influence on the traditions of the island nation, and as a result there are various religions and beliefs dotted around with the predominant one being Islam. With that in mind it is important to remember:

  • The Maldives is a conservative country, and you should adhere to the local sensitivities whilst on the islands including clothing rules.
  • Alcohol is banned and possession can bring you up to 2 years in prison so don’t bring it with you!
  • Please remain politically neutral whilst in The Maldives as the area is a hotbed and you won’t want to offend your hosts!

If you enjoy living life in the slow lane, you will love the Maldivian way of life!

Popular Destinations

You are spoilt for choice for beaches in the Maldives, and whilst it is highly recommended that you visit more than one in your time on the islands, there is more to this tropical paradise than sand! Some of the sights you may want to see include:

  • The National Museum – Located in the capital Male, this is the perfect place to spend an afternoon learning about the proud history of this small, island nation.
  • Manta Point – here you can watch the manta rays patiently waiting to be cleaned by the wrasses (small fish) before they head off to find food on the feeding reefs. It is an amazing spectacle to behold.
  • Male – The capital city of The Maldives is a great place to relax and soak up the culture. Be sure to get a picture or two of the famous colourful houses whilst there!

You will have a lot to do on our Maldives conservation projects, so just remember to take it easy in the heat!

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