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To many people, tigers are not only the ultimate predator, but they are also one of the most beautiful creatures on our planet. To encounter one of these animals in their natural habitat is an incredible moment – though it is a moment that is increasingly hard to witness.

Sadly, only around 3,000 of these most majestic of predators remain in the wild today – their populations have seriously declined from the 100,000 individuals which roamed Asia around a century ago. Experts argue that since the turn of the 20th Century, we have lost 97% of the planet's wild tiger populations. Devastatingly, we have already lost numerous subspecies (Bali, Caspian, Javan), and unless something drastic is done, the likelihood is that these beautiful animals will soon be wiped off the face of our planet forever.

Responsible tiger tours are the best way to view tigers in their natural habitat, and by doing so you will be supporting the conservation of the world's largest big cat. Our tiger tours take place in the midst of lush and vast jungles, for example, the picture perfect setting of Kanha National Park, the inspiration for 'The Jungle Book'. Tigers need our help, as apex predators, they are vital components of the ecosystem, and joining a fascinating tiger tour will support efforts to try and preserve this magnificent species. 

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Tigers At A Glance

Around 3,890

How Endangered Are Tigers

Sadly, there are more tigers in captivity in the US alone than there are in the wild across the entire globe. These animals are normally owned by people who do not know how to care for them properly, subject to small living spaces when in the wild, the animals claim large territories. 

The most recent data on tiger numbers shows that numbers are up to 3,890 from 3,200 in 2010, the first recorded incident of growth in tiger populations in over 100 years. While this is a good sign, this number is still far too low to ensure them with a sustainable future, but now we are tasked with keeping this upward trend going! 

Threats Tigers Are Facing

Tigers once thrived in many regions across Asia, but they are coming under increasing pressure from different threats. These threats include:

  • Poaching – every single part of the tiger is traded in illegal markets. It is used in traditional Asian medicine which has no medicinal value at all, making the practice pointless.
  • Habitat Loss – tigers have lost 93% of their historical range as their habitat has been destroyed or degraded by human activity.
  • Human Wildlife Conflict – with smaller forests to hunt in, tigers are forced to kill livestock and when they do the farmers often retaliate and kill the big cat.
Fast Facts
  • Less than 10% of a tiger's hunts for prey are successful, and this strain is made worse through habitat loss resulting in fragmented food supplies.
  • A group of tigers is known as an ambush or on occasion a streak!
  • Tiger cubs like to hang around their mums for quite a while, and on average they reach the age of 2 before they begin exploring the world on their own paws!
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