Orangutan Awareness Week 2019! - Save 15%

To celebrate Orangutan Awareness Week 2019, we are offering 15% off all our orangutan volunteering projects booked throughout November. This offers a great opportunity for anyone who is passionate about orangutans and keen to make a difference to the future of the species, to travel to Borneo and get involved.

So, what does volunteering with orangutans actually involve?

With the exception of The Great Orangutan & Pygmy Elephant Project (which is based in the wild jungles of Sabah), all our orangutan conservation projects involve living in and working at orangutan rehabilitation centres in Borneo. Whilst on a project, you can expect to get involved in a variety of activities from helping to prepare the orangutans’ food, to creating exciting enrichment items such as puzzle feeders to help teach them the skills they will need in the wild. With each project offering a variety of different activities, why not read our ‘Which orangutan project is right for me?’ article or click the links below to find out what sets them apart and discover which project is best suited to you!

How does volunteering contribute to orangutan conservation?

The work carried out by volunteers is incredibly important as they work directly with the local keepers and staff to ensure all the orangutans are fed every day, remain mentally stimulated and happy, and for the babies, learn the skills they will one day need to survive in the wild.

Whether you are able to join for 1 or 4 weeks, the work you do will be part of ongoing conservation efforts to return as many of these great apes back into the wild as possible, and over the past 7 years, that is exactly what has been achieved. With 415 orangutans finding their way home since 2012, including 28 so far this year, the work that volunteers do to support some incredible charities (such as the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) has allowed them to keep rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orangutans, year after year.

In addition to all the volunteers' hard work, all project fees also include a conservation donation which is used to help fund rescues and releases, new enclosures, food, enrichment items and much, much more.

Who volunteers?

With over 500 volunteers joining our orangutan conservation projects each year, we welcome a great mix of people from all around the world. The majority join us as solo travellers and though the ages of volunteers range from 18 to 75, they all have one thing in common: a passion for orangutans and a desire to help make a difference to their future.

If you're keen to get involved, why not learn a little more about our orangutan conservation projects below, and see how your next holiday could help secure a future for one of the most endangered and incredible species on the planet!


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