Last Minute Volunteering Projects

​We know that people’s plans are constantly changing and as a result, occasionally, spaces become available on the projects last minute! It is much more beneficial for both the animals and staff at the projects if volunteer groups are full, especially if the team requires a large group of people for specific tasks on site. If this takes your fancy, keep your eyes peeled for the latest and greatest deals on your last-minute adventure! If you are the type of person who embraces spontaneity, and unforgettable experiences, then we cannot wait to hear from you!

Last Minute Availability

Last Minute Availability

Select a date between Feb 19, 2019 and Mar 1, 2019 and receive 20% off the price of the project!

Last Minute Availability

Select a date between Mar 3, 2019 and Mar 17, 2019 and receive 15% off the price of the project!

Find Your Great Project

With so many projects available, we really do have something for everyone! So with that in mind we hope our Project Finder can help you to narrow down your choices. Whether you want to travel to Borneo to help the Orangutans, venture to Africa to work with Lions, or hop on a plane to any of our other incredible destinations, then this is a great place to start! You are just a few clicks away from the beginning of your next adventure…

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