Last Minute Volunteering Projects

We know that people’s plans are constantly changing and sometimes our volunteers need to drop out of a project due to unexpected circumstances or a change of plans. As a result, the project itself may be in need of an extra pair of hands to help out, and when these spaces become available, they might just end up here, with a last-minute discount – giving you the opportunity to snap up a great deal at late notice. So, if you’re looking to get away in the near future (or even if you have a bit of a spontaneous streak!), why not take a look at the offers listed below? Who knows, your dream volunteering holiday could be just around the corner.

Last Minute Availability

Take a look at the projects with last minute availability and see if you can become our next animal conservation volunteer.

Last Minute Availability

Join between 5th October 2023 and 19th October 2023 and save 15% off the price of the project!

Last Minute Availability

Join between 25th September 2023 and 25th September 2023 and save 20% off the price of the project!

Find Your Great Project

With so many projects available, we really do have something for everyone - so with that in mind, we hope our Project Finder can help you narrow down your choices! Whether you want to aid orangutan conservation in Borneo, are desperate to work with big cats in Africa, or are dreaming of a wildlife volunteer experience anywhere else, this handy tool is a great place to start. You’re just a few clicks away from the beginning of your next great adventure…

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