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Cinematic sunrises. Iconic wildlife. Once-in-a-lifetime memories. All the things that make up Africa are little bits of magic stitched together to create moments that 'bucket lists' were made for. Imagine, after two years confined to our homes, stepping out onto the plains of Africa, where four metaphorical walls melt away to expose the whole wide world, now ready to be explored once again.

Imagine all that, with the chance to make a real difference and help preserve the very wildlife that is the heart and soul of Africa! Replace the memories of staring at screens with memories of monitoring a new rhino calf or the prowl of a lioness on a South African reserve.

You did your bit. You stayed at home. You wore your mask. You stood 2 metres apart. Now, it's time to stand 2 metres from a gorilla family or watch a great white shark swim by from the safety of a cage, not even as far as 2 metres away. You’ve done your bit, and now we’re doing ours. To celebrate the world being our oyster again, we’re offering 10% off selected projects in Africa when you book and travel before June 30th!

Make your out-of-office, an out-in-Africa!


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